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Hello, happy to have you around.


All roads led me here, as a citizen of the world, engineer, saxophonist, photographer or guitar teacher. Music has always been present in my life. Blessed and proud to share my services in a fair way.


I'm a product of 3 continents, my grandparents were born in Goa, my parents and I in Mozambique, moved to Portugal at the age of 3, then 32 years later to Luxembourg and since 2011 settled in Munich, under the cultural heart of the Pinakotheks.


These five musical dimensions (Therapy, Photography, Classes, Play & History) represent all my conscientious efforts around this wonderful gift we have been given: Music!


So please do not hesitate to contact me (email:

handy: +4915205650918) and get involved in anything that, in the end, will surely benefit and enrich our existence 🤗.


Sérgio Oliveira 


Services In English, German & Portuguese

Sérgio Oliveira draw from Colleagues back in Vodafone Portugal
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